Friday, October 19, 2012

Scout's Honor - Chapter 63

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The young savior of our heroes leads them to his dying sister!

            Tristan knelt and pulled back the blanket covering the young woman.
            "Nist, I'm going to need my kit and supplies," he said.  "Boiling water, too."
            "They're on the Pauline, master," Nist said.
            "The boy can lead you back to it," Tristan said.  "You'd do that wouldn't you, boy?"
            "My  name is Milo," the boy said, "and I'll do anything to help Kim!"
            Callan knelt next to Tristan, asking, "You're a physician?"
            "You never told us that," I said.
            "My life has been rather busy since you dropped into it, lad," Tristan said.  "Besides, you never asked.  Please go with Nist and Milo.  Keep them safe."
            "Highness?" I asked.
            Callan nodded.
            Nist told Milo where to find the Pauline and Milo led us out.
            "Is she really a princess?" Milo asked.
            "Yes," Nist answered.  "Princess Callan, daughter of your king.  This is David Rice, her royal bodyguard."
            "Yeah?" Milo said.  "I'd guard her royal body, too!"
            I revised my estimate of Milo's age from ten to thirteen.  He must be small for his age.
            Nist smothered a laugh, saying, "Her Highness is quite beautiful.  As is your sister."
            "Do you think Kim will be okay?" Milo asked.  "Is the old guy a good doctor?"
            "His skills are legend among the tribes of the desert," Nist replied.
            Milo spun around, "He's the Desert Doctor?"
            "Indeed!" Nist replied.
            I heard trog voices from the street below.
            "Quiet!" I hissed, pulling Milo and Nist to their knees.
            I crawled to the roof edge and looked down at the road.  A squad of trogs prodded a bound prisoner with their spears.  I recognized the prisoner.
            The trogs had captured Prince Raoul!

Raoul left our heroes to die, but can our hero do the same in return?  Find out in Chapter 64, coming Monday!