Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Scout's Honor - Chapter 62

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Our hero has his back against the wall as spear-wielding trogs vie to run him through!

            Spear points bristled around me, jabbing and thrusting.  I dodged and ducked, slashing and stabbing, keeping the trogs at bay.  Even with the unimaginative trog attacks, I knew I had little time remaining.  I'd dodge when I should have ducked or, if I was lucky, hang on long enough to suffer Boost burnout, but the trogs would get me in the end.  It would be worth it as long as Callan was getting away.
            She wasn't, of course.
            "David," she called, "we found a rain barrel!  Be ready!"
            The barrel dropped on the trogs, felling two and bursting with a crack.  Water gushed, knocking trogs aside.  My path to the rope was clear!  I leapt across the alley and raced up the rope.  A spear clattered against the wall as I rolled onto the roof.  The boy yanked the rope up behind me.
            Safe, I released Boost -- and didn't black out.  It was a pleasant change of pace.  The fight was shorter than I had realized.
            "I don't suppose Raoul is scouting for a hiding place?" I asked.
            "Is he the jerk who came up the rope first?" the boy asked.
            Astute lad.  I liked him already.
            "Yes," I said.  "And thank you for your help.  We would have been captured or killed without it.  Do you have a safe place to hide?"
            "Yeah," he said, heading across the roof.  "Come on!"
            There were so many twists, turns, ascents, and descents that I was completely disoriented by the time the boy led us into a small cellar.  A young woman lay huddled on a small bed.
            "I need your help," the boy said.  "My sister is dying!"

Our heroes owe their lives to the boy, but can they repay their debt and save his sister?  Find out in Chapter 63, coming Friday!