Monday, October 15, 2012

Scout's Honor - Chapter 61

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Our heroes are trapped in the city of the trogs!

            Trogs bore down on us from both sides.  The only doors were on the wrong side of the trogs.
            "Callan," I said.  "can you climb to the roof?"
            A rope dropped in front of her.
            "Climb the rope!" a boy's voice called.
            I charged the trogs on my end of the alley, "Raoul, hold off the trogs while they climb!"
            Grabbing the rope, Raoul sneered.  "It is the place of commoners to die for me, not the other way around!"
            I ran back to the princess, staying close to guard her from both sides.
            "Climb, Highness!" I said.
            "No, David," she said.  "I can fight-"
            "Dammit, Callan, let me die protecting you, not your corpse!"
            Without another word, Callan pulled herself up the rope.
            Tristan said, "You next, Nist.  I'm so slow I'll get us both killed."
            The never heard Nist's reply.
            I somersaulted under the closest trog's spear, gutting him as I rolled to my feet.  Charging among the trogs behind him, dodging and slashing, I drove them back.  With these trogs on their heels, I ran at other squad.  Nist, white-faced, guarded the rope as Tristan labored to climb.  Above, Callan and the boy pulled on the rope.
            No Raoul.  No surprise.
            I leapt, pushing off a wall, surprising the trogs who expected me to go low.  I barreled into them, slicing a throat, cutting a shoulder, piercing an eye, forcing them back.
            Nist scampered up the rope just out of reach of the regrouped first squad.  I impaled a trog before he impaled Nist.
            "David!" Callan called, "Climb!"
            Spears ready, the trogs backed me against the far wall.  I was cut off from the rope!

How can our hero hope to escape the trog spears?  Find out if he does in Chapter 62, coming Wednesday!