Friday, October 12, 2012

Scout's Honor - Chapter 60

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Our heroes have crash landed in a city full of trogs!

            The Pauline's deflating gasbag still floating above the garden wall, visible to all.  We had bare minutes before the trogs found us.  Our landing spot had no place to hide.  That left the house the garden was attached to.
            "Everybody out and into the house!" I said.  "We've got to find a defensible location before the trogs find us."
            The calls of trogs were much closer as we entered the house.  Smashed furniture lay all around, dashing any hope of using the furniture as a barricade.  The ground floor was too open, anyway.
            "Upstairs!" Raoul said.
            "No," I countered, "we'd be trapped up there.  The trogs could starve us out or just burn the place down.  We have to find another place to hole up."
            The street before the house was clear for the moment.
            "Raoul, take point.  Head for that alley across the street," I said.  "I'll take rear guard.  If you find a place to hide, do not wait for me!  Go to ground and keep the princess safe!"
            "Leaving you to die at the hands of the trogs?" asked Raoul.  "If you insist..."
            "No, David," Princess Callan said, "we'll get out of this together or not at all!"
            "We don't have time for a debate, Highness!" I said.  "Please shut up and let me do my job!"
            Callan's cheeks reddened -- in anger or embarrassment, I couldn't tell -- but she nodded and we ran for the alley.
            Halfway there, five trogs rounded a corner and spotted us.  Yelling, they gave chase.  We ran into the alley only to discover more trogs entering the alley from the far end.
            We were trapped!

Trogs ahead, trogs behind, and no way out!  Is this the end for our heroes?  Find out in Chapter 61, coming Monday!