Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Scout's Honor - Chapter 59

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Four trogs are on the Pauline and a city full of them are below!

            I wrenched my attention to the deck of the Pauline.  Two trogs caught their balance and advanced on Raoul and me.   With Boost I could take all four trogs, but I had to save it for the city.  At least the trog airship had returned to the airial battle once it was obvious we were going down inside the city.
            I dodged a trog spear thrust then sliced open the trog's arm.  He fell back, howling.  Turning, I ducked under Raoul's attack, ramming my blade through his trog's chest.  Leaving my sword in the dying trog, I charged one of the remaining trogs.  He regained his balance just as I barreled into him.  I drove him over the railing.  As I returned to retrieve my sword, Raoul cut the throat of the unwounded trog.  The last trog, blood dripping from his arm, jumped as we passed over a tall building.
            Callan searched for a place to land the airship while Tristan tended to Nist.  Running to the bow, I scanned the city for a defensible place to land.
            "Callan," I said, pointing, "there's a walled garden over there!  Can you land inside the walls?"
            "I can," Nist said, "if someone can help me stand."
            Tristan easily lifted the smaller man and braced him at the wheel.  Callan came to my side as Nist worked the ship's wheel and ailerons.  Just when I thought Nist had overshot the garden, he twisted the ailerons.  The ship nosed up then dropped into the garden.
            Gutteral trog shouts came from streets all around us.  We were trapped in the city of the trogs!

Trogs are above and all around our heroes!  How can they hope to survive?  Find out in Chapter 60, coming Friday!