Friday, October 5, 2012

Scout's Honor - Chapter 57

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Airships dive out of the clouds to attack Princess Callan's mercenary fleet!

            Immediately, it was clear the trogs were not flying the airships.  Men flew them, though not willingly.  Other men were tied to railings, hostages against those flying the ships.
            Bane called across to me, "Rice, get away from the battle!  Your crew is too small to fight and we can't risk losing our employer!"
            Nist was already steering away from the fight, so I spoke to Callan.
            "We must free Raoul.  We may need his sword."
            "I'll go," she said.  Callan added, "He's more likely to listen to me."
            The battle began taking shape behind us.  We were outnumbered but our crews had their hearts in the fight.  The trog ships were sluggish while our ships maneuvered crisply.  Victory was possible.
            Nist's shouted, pointing up through the rain.  Two trog ships followed us, trying to hem us in!  Nist spun the wheel and worked the ailerons with frantic intensity, bobbing and weaving to keep the trog airships from surrounding us.  During one close pass to a trog ship, I saw a trog gut one of the hostages as the trog shouted at the crew.
            Callan and Raoul stumbled out of the cabin, both clutching swords.
            "David, what is Nist doing?" Callan called, before spotting the trog airships.
            The trogs must have realized the Pauline was too agile and Nist too skillful for them to take us.  They began throwing anything solid they could find at Nist.  It didn't take long.  Nist collapsed as a boat hook hit him on the head and the Pauline straightened out.
            I rushed to take the wheel but it was too late.  With a thud, the first trog landed on the deck!

How can three swords prevail against two airships full of trogs?  Find out in Chapter 58, coming Monday!