Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Scout's Honor - Chapter 56

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Princess Callan is taking the fight to the trogs!

            Two days later, our mercenary fleet crossed Mordan's southern border and we began stalking our prey.  The trog army had left a trail of devastation a child could follow.
            Pain and anger warred in Callan's green eyes as we flew over slain people and tortured land.  Tristan, Nist, and I offered comforting words.  Even Martin Bane, during our planning sessions offered tentative consolation.  Callan would not be consoled, deflecting our words with discussions of tactics.
            "We'll reach Faroon within the quarter hour," Callan pointing to the city on the horizon.  "The city would be a perfect base for the trogs."
            "Why?" I asked.
            "Trading hub," Bane replied.  "This time of year, the warehouses will be filled with goods from all over.  A naval squadron is based there for border patrol, but they'll be searching for her Highness.  If the trogs have taken Faroon, we won't be able to force them out."
            "No," Callan agreed, "but we'll control the skies.  We'll keep them pinned in the city and send for reinforcements."
            Wind whipped and clouds as dark as our mood scuttled across our path.  Bane nodded agreement with Callan as the first drops of rain hit the deck.
            "What if the trogs have captured merchant airships?" I asked.
            "No," Bane said.  "Trogs don't use airships."
            An unbroken rumble of thunder sounded.
            "Trogs don't have armies, either," I said.
            Bane gave me a surprised look then spun to look up at the clouds.
            "What-" I began.
            "Quiet!" Bane ordered.  "That's not thunder!"
            Leaping back to his own ship, Bane shouted, "Signal the fleet!  Enemy ships above us!"
            Real thunder cracked as trog-filled airships dove out of the clouds!

When did trogs learn to fly airships and how can our heroes escape their trap?  Find out in Chapter 57, coming Friday!