Monday, October 1, 2012

Scout's Honor - Chapter 55

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Martin Bane has agreed to get Princess Callan her fleet, but only if he gets a pardon!

            "A pardon?" I demanded.  "For you?"
            "Quite right," Bane said.  "Make that a pardon for me, my men, and all who sign on to this venture.  You can't expect men to risk imprisonment or execution at the hands of those they've come to aid."
            "I am will grant a stay for the duration of their employment," Callan offered.
            "Unacceptable," Bane countered.  "Once the Mordanian navy has regrouped and we are deep within Mordan's borders, what keeps you from discharging us from your service and loosing your navy upon us?"
            "You have my word of honor as a princess of the royal house of Mordan!"
            Bane retorted, "I prefer something tangible.  Something I can show to a naval ship's captain."
            "What if my father refuses to honor my pardon?"
            "And risk casting doubt on all documents signed by his negotiators?" Bane asked.  "No, Highness, he'll honor your pardon."
            "You leave me little choice," Callan said.  "I agree, under one condition.  Upon completion of this contract, you leave Mordan and, on pain of death, never return."
            Bane's eyebrows arched, "My, you are a worthy heir to the throne!  I accept."
            Early morning light bathed the deck before the signing, sealing, and planning was complete.
            Returning Bane to his ship, we gave Beloren a wide berth as we steamed north toward the rendezvous point.  Spotting no Tartegian vessels along the way, we had little choice but to keep the Spare Prince aboard.
            Through out the afternoon and into the night, a motley assortment of airships joined us.  At dawn, twenty-one ships flew north behind the Pauline.
            A tight smile played across Callan's lips.  "Let's go hunting."

Will her small fleet be enough to handle a trog army?  Find out in Chapter 56, coming Wednesday!