Monday, September 24, 2012

Scout's Honor - Chapter 52

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Our hero has accused Prince Raoul of hiring the raiders who ambushed and abducted Prince Callan!

            The silence stretched as all eyes regarded Raoul.  Under the combined weight of those stares, he broke.
            "I did not hire the raiders," he said.
            "Look at me," Callan commanded.
            Raoul's eyes rose to meet Callan's.
            "I believe you, Raoul," she said.  "But you know who did hire them."
            Raoul nodded fractionally, "It was too late to warn you."
            "Is that supposed to make it all better?" Callan asked.
            "No, Callan-"
            "You no longer have leave to use my given name!"
            "Yes...your  Highness," Raoul said.  "It's just...  Those guards and Mordanian airmen -- it's not my fault they died!"
            "It's not your fault?" Raoul flinched at her tone.  "Tell that to Rob!"
            Turning away, Callan said, "I would be alone, please."
            Tristan showed her to the Pauline's cabin.
            I said, "Tell us who hired those Martin Bane."
            Raoul's gaze turned defiant, "No."
            "My boy, Raoul has already told us," Tristan said.  "Only one person could conceive such a convoluted plan to reinvent the Spare Prince."
            I was ashamed my emotions had kept me from realizing it sooner.
            "I've known some mama's boys," I said, "but none so pathetic as you!  Nist, would you tie the Mama's Prince's hands?"
            Once Raoul was secured, I asked, "Any idea what we should do with him, Tristan?"
            "Before retiring, her Highness left instructions," Tristan said.  "In Beloren, we find a Tartegian registered airship and give him to them."
            "That's more than he deserves," I said.
            "Perhaps, lad," Tristan said, "but it's politically astute."
            "Master!" called Nist, pointing ahead of us.  "Look!"
            A distant glow rose against the night.  The city of Beloren in flames!

What happened in Beloren?  Find out in Chapter 53, coming Wednesday!