Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Scout's Honor - Chapter 50

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Accused of treachery, our hero turns to Princess Callan for judgement!

            "You must believe me," Raoul said.  "My integrity cannot be questioned!"
            "Sure it can," I said.  "And I'll question your intelligence, after that!"
            "You insolent-"
            "Be silent!" Callan demanded.
            It never occurred to me to disobey.
            "Have you heard how Rob became captain of my guard?" Callan asked us.
            "I...  No," I answered.
            "Just before my fifth birthday, several renegade nobles conspired to kidnap me," Callan said.  "Palace guards were bribed or their families threatened.  None stood between the kidnappers and my room.  The door burst open, frightening me terribly.  I began to cry as my lone defender, a young guard assigned to my detail, leapt to defend me.
            "That guard was Rob.  His voice rose over the ring of steel, telling me to stop my crying, that there was nothing to worry about  And then, out numbered five to one, Rob began to sing a lullaby.  His deep, reassuring voice calmed me as he sang and his sword sang.  One attacker fell.  Then another.  When the third man dropped, the other two ran.
            "Rob sagged onto the bed, holding the worst of his wounds with one hand and me with the other.  He refused to leave my side until my parents arrived.  And he finished singing the lullaby."
            "A month later, as part of my birthday celebration, Rob was named captain of my guard.  I was allowed to present him with a sword made especially for him.  He gave that sword to David just before he died.
            "That action spoke volumes.  You ask who I trust, David?"
            Callan raised brimming eyes to meet mine.
            "Rob gave you his sword.  How could I not trust you?"

Trust has been established, but will it help Callan find her fleet?  Find out in Chapter 51, coming Friday!