Monday, September 17, 2012

Scout's Honor - Chapter 49

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Prince Raoul has accused our hero of being in league with Martin Bane!

            Raoul's accusation hung in the air.  Tristan, Nist, and, worst of all, Callan stared at me.  Not one voiced a protest.
            Sensing an opening, Raoul struck again, "He's working with Bane!  Think about it.  They both claim to be a Terran Scout.  They both have that boost thing.  Bane understood Rice's weapon and used it to save Rice's life when Bane had the upper hand!"
            He looked at Callan, "You wondered why Bane just walked away after you shot the tammar with the Onesie?  It's because his agent was in place!  Rice and Bane have manipulated events from the beginning!"
            Raoul turned to me, "Who were you saving Callan from?  Bane and his men!  It's easy to be the hero when the villain is planning every move!  Go ahead, Rice, try to deny it."
            I looked at the people around me.  Nist was enthralled, caught up in the excitement of heroism, villainy, and betrayal.  Tristan looked thoughtful, as if considering Raoul's accusations.  Callan looked torn between the undeniable logic of Raoul's charges and the emotional bond events had forged between us.
            "Of course I deny it," I said.  "You've given a masterful performance, Raoul-"
            "Prince Raoul!" he said.
            "Oh, shut up," I retorted.  "I have sworn no oaths to you, owe you no allegiance, and have no respect for you.  I no longer grant you unearned honorifics!"
            Ignoring Raoul's sputtering, I continued, "Raoul's words twist events to his benefit, but my people have a saying.  Actions speak louder than words.  You've witnessed my actions and heard Raoul's words, Highness.  You must decide."
            Capturing Callan's eyes with mine, I asked, "Who do you believe?"

Who does Callan believe?  Find out in Chapter 50, coming Wednesday!