Friday, September 14, 2012

Scout's Honor - Chapter 48

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Dangling high above the ground in a net with Prince Raoul, our hero orders Nist to drop the net!

            "No!" shouted Raoul.
            Nist had never even moved.  It's what I had expected of him.
            "Pull them back over the deck," Tristan ordered.
            I said, "Don't release us from the net until Raoul drops his sword."
            Nist looked to Tristan, who nodded.  Raoul looked to Callan, who nodded, too.
            "You will not be harmed," she said.  "You have my word."
            "Provided he doesn't attack anyone," I amended.
            Callan rolled her eyes, "Rob taught you too well!"
            The pain of Rob's death lingered in Callan's eyes, belying her light tone.  But the issue of Raoul was more important.
            Once Raoul and I were free of the net, Callan glared at Raoul.
            "Explain yourself," she demanded.
            "May I add a question of my own, Highness?" I asked.
            At her nod, I said, "Why you were wining and dining with the captain just before our escape?"
            "I...was...negotiating with him," Raoul said.  Seeing disbelief on my face, he continued, "I was!  I offered him a reward if he returned us to Beloren.  He's a merchant, not a slaver.  All I had to do was make it worth his while to take us back!"
            "That sounds reasonable," Callan said.
            "It does," I conceded.  "But the captain accused me of piracy in your language, Highness, and he does not speak it.  I think Raoul taught the captain that sentence during his negotiations."
            "I did no such thing!" protested Raoul.
            "He had to kill me before I accused him of hiring Bane to kidnap you," I said.  "That's why he drew his sword!"
            Raoul responded, "I drew my sword to protect Princess Callan from the real traitor, David Rice.  You!"

Can the prince expect his accusation to be taken seriously by Princess Callan and Tristan?  Find out in Chapter 49, coming Monday!