Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Scout's Honor - Chapter 47

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Hearing our hero announce Martin Bane was hired to kidnap Callan, Prince Raoul draws his sword!

            Stepping between Raoul and princess, I grabbed his sword arm with both hands.  Spare or not, Raoul had received the training of a prince.  Dropping backward, he pulled me off my feet and flipped me over him.  I tucked and rolled, drawing my sword as I came to my feet.  But now Raoul was between me and the princess!
            I saw Tristan pull Callan away from us.  Nist signaled toward a point on the deck as he ran toward the boom with the net.  Of course!  If I could draw Raoul there, Nist could drop the net on us.  I had to keep him reacting to me instead of threatening Callan.  Steel rang as Raoul blocked my wild swing.  Hate blazed up in his eyes and he attacked me with cold fury.  I don't know how Raoul got his nickname because there was nothing "spare" about the lethal warrior before me.
            Dimly, I was aware Callan calling something.  If I survived the fight, I'd have to ask her what she was saying.  I fell back one more step, smiling as Raoul pressed after me.
            "Now, Nist!" I yelled.
            The net dropped on both of us.  Nist pulled another lever.  Raoul and I were both thrown off our feet as an edge of the net swept under us then lifted us off the deck.  Immediately, Raoul began sawing at the net.
            "Push us over the railing, Nist!" I said.
            Raoul froze as we swung away from the deck, fear replacing the hatred in his eyes.
            "Tristan, will you take her Highness safely home?" I asked.
            "You have my word," he replied.
            "Nist," I said, "release the net."

Is this the end of the our hero and our story?  Find out in Chapter 48, coming Friday!