Monday, September 10, 2012

Scout's Honor - Chapter 46

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Finally safe onboard the Pauline, Callan announces she needs to meet with Martin Bane, her kidnapper!

            "You need what?" Raoul asked.
            "An audience with Martin Bane," Callan repeated.
            Raoul said, "But he kidnapped you!"
            "I know," Callan replied.  "I was there."
            "Yes, but- but-" Raoul sputtered.
            "He kidnapped me," Callan finished for Raoul.  "I have to look beyond that, Raoul.  Other concerns are paramount."
            "What concerns, Highness?" I asked.
            "I need a fleet," she replied, "and Martin Bane can provide one."
            "I don't know the man, so please pardon me for asking, Highness," Tristan said.  "What gave you the idea this Martin Bane could procure a fleet?"
            "He did," she said.  "When we were trapped in the trading post cellar, while David was unconscious, Bane described how he had hired the other raiders, how he had molded that rabble into a fleet, and how he had devised the tactics to separate my ship from the rest.  The man would not shut up about it!
            "I need a fleet and haven't the time to look for other options," she continued.  "So, Martin Bane it is."
            "And you need the fleet to defend Mordan against the trogs," I added.
            "Exactly!  The Mordanian fleet is surely scattered, searching for me," she said.
            "What of the Tartegian navy?" Raoul asked.  "If this airship is as fast as we've been told, we could-"
            "No, Raoul," Callan said.  "We cannot have the Tartegian navy in Mordan before the wedding.  The people would not stand for it!  It must be Martin Bane."
            "If your kidnapping is any indication, Bane will honor a contract to the letter," I said.  "No more and no less."
            Callan was surprised, "A contracted kidnapping?  But who-?"
            She was interrupted by the rasp of steel as Raoul drew his sword!

Has Raoul shown his true colors at last?  Find out in Chapter 47, coming Wednesday!