Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Scout's Honor - Chapter 44

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Trapped on an airborne ship and desperately outnumbered, our hero faces almost certain death!

            The captain grinned in triumph as a second crossbow bolt plucked at my sleeve.  Without cover, the crew would skewer me.  I rushed for the only cover available -- the captain!  He met me and my arm vibrated from the force of his blow.  The captain was far stronger than he looked!
            Pressing the attack, he drove me backward.  Across the deck, half a dozen crossbows were cocked and loaded.  The rest of the crew grabbed boat hooks and belaying pins then streamed toward us.  Everyone wanted in on the fun! 
            I had precious few heartbeats left before the crew joined the captain.  How had Raoul taken the sword from the captain's iron grip?  Blocking another of the captain's mighty blows, I was driven against the starboard rail.  The captain roared, knowing the end was near.  I was about to die and had nothing left to lose.
            Adrenaline surged through my veins and it was as if time slowed to a crawl.  Dodging the captain's attack with ease, I flicked my sword into his wrist.  Blood flowed and the sword flew as fear flashed in the captain's eyes.  Spinning past him, I smacked the captain's head with the flat of my blade.  As the captain fell, the crossbows fired in rapid succession.  Sword flashing, I blocked the first five shots.  I snatched the last bolt from the air by hand.  The crew stared, mouths agape.
            Sheathing my sword, I bowed theatrically.  The crew was was well trained.  Their amazement broke and, belaying pins and boat hooks raised, charged wildly.
            The Boost was already taking its toll.  I sprinted for the stern railing and dove into the darkness!

Is the Pauline still behind and below or does David face a long plunge to death?  Find out in Chapter 45, coming Friday!