Monday, September 3, 2012

Scout's Honor - Chapter 43

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Aboard a strange airship, our her is about to lower Princess Callan to the safety of the airship Pauline when he discovered by the strange airship's crew!

            With a start, I realized the captain had spoken in the princess's language!  His accent was thick and his tone was flat, as if the words were memorized.  Did he speak the princess's language?  There was only one way to find out.
            "Highness," I whispered, "if things go badly, slide to the airship below.  Trust them."
            Eyes wide, Callan nodded.
            Facing the captain, hands up, I said, "You filthy pack of airdogs, I'll kill you all."
            The captain smiled, then spoke to his crew.  My implant picked out "princess" and "money."
            I said, "Are you ready to die?"
            Realizing I had asked a question, the captain nodded.
            Prince Raoul burst from the shadows.  The crew just stared as Raoul dashed past, took the captain's sword, and held it to the captain's throat.
            Raoul spoke in the captain's language.  My implant translated "princess," "plan," and "guard" this time.  All but the captain turned and scurried to the bow of the airship.
            "Lower her Highness to safety," Raoul said.  I'll keep this rabble at bay!"
            Thrusting aside nagging doubts, I lowered Callan to the safety of the Pauline.
            Drawing my sword, I said, "You next, prince."
            "What?" Raoul said.  "No, you-"
            "I am the bodyguard," I said.  "Your safety is second only to her Highness's."
            Eyes flashing anger, Raoul dropped the captain's sword and stalked to the rope.  A shout from below told me he was safely down.
            Something flashed past me.  The crew had crossbows!  In the second I was distracted, the captain retrieved his sword and attacked.  I dodged before realizing I was not the target.  The sword sliced right through my rope.
            I was trapped on the airship!

Callan and Raoul are safe, but what will happen to our hero?  Find out in Chapter 44, coming Wednesday!