Friday, August 31, 2012

Scout's Honor - Chapter 42

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Stealing onto the airship which carried the prince and princess away from the city, our hero discovers the prince drinking wine with the captain!

            I ducked out of the light spilling from the cabin and into a doorway.  The crewman placed most of the food on the captain's table, speaking to the captain.  I understood "princess" and "food."  My implant had enough to begin translating!  The remaining food was for Callan!
            When he left, I followed.  Soon, he unlocked a door then stepped inside.  I followed, seeing him place the tray on a cot which the princess lay upon.  Callan's eyes went wide when I entered, then she kicked the crewman in the stomach.  As he gasped for breath, I clouted him with my sword pommel, laying him out.
            Callan rose and flowed into my arms.  This was not the passionate embrace of a few days ago.  It was simply one person seeking comfort from another.
            I held her briefly, then said, "Highness, we-"
            "Callan," she said.  "In private, my guard captain calls me Callan."
            "As you wish, Callan," I said.  "But time is short.  We've got to get you out of here!"
            "What about Raoul?" she asked.
            What, indeed, I thought, but said, "I'll come back once you're safe."
            I retrace my path to the stern of the airship.  Leaving Callan hidden, I took a lantern hanging nearby and flashed a signal to the Pauline, almost invisible below us.  Nist flashed the reply and I motioned Callan to join me.  She blanched when she saw me unwinding my rope.
            "I can't, David!" she whispered.  "My hands still hurt from before!"
            I was already tying the rope into a sling, "Don't worry-"
            Lanterns snapped open around us.
            Drawing his sword, the captain said,  "Looks like we've caught ourselves a pirate, boys!"

Trapped, with nowhere to run, what will our hero do?  Find out in Chapter 43, coming Monday!