Monday, August 27, 2012

Scout's Honor - Chapter 40

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Instead of being carried to safety on a line dangling from a passing airship, Prince Raoul and Princess Callan are being carried away!

            The airship climbed as it passed the edge of the city.  Any cries from the prince and princess were drowned out by the roar of the engines.
            I said, "If anything happens to Rob's body-"
            "I told you, I'm done," Bane replied.  "Go rescue your princess.  Again.  I'll take care of Rob's body."
            Seeing indecision, Bane added ruefully, "Scout's honor."
            Grabbing a drain pipe, I climbed down and ran toward the docks.  There, I met Tristan with a band of armed men.  His face creased in concern when he saw me.
            "Am I too late?" he asked.
            "We've got to take off now!" I said.  "I'll explain in the air."
            Tristan fell in behind me, his age and bulk taking its toll.  He was gasping as we dashed onto the airship.
            "Nist!" I cried, casting off docking lines.  "We've got an airship to catch!"
            Nist looked at Tristan, who could only nod, struggling to catch his breath.
            The little ship rose into the late afternoon sky.  Only a few hours since we docked but it seemed a lifetime.  It was for Rob.
            When the course was set and Tristan had regained his breath, I told him what had happened.  He listened quietly, asking no questions.  At the end, he was briefly silent.
            "I'm sorry, my boy," he said, the words heavy with emotion.  "We'll mourn the dead after we've saved the living."
            No more was said as we sped in the wake of other airship.  The sun was low on the horizon when we drew close enough to see the airship clearly.  The line still dangled but there was no sign of the prince and princess!

Did the prince and princess plunge to their deaths?  Find out in Chapter 41, coming Wednesday!