Friday, August 24, 2012

Scout's Honor - Chapter 39

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Our hero, David Rice, is all that stands between the escaping prince and princess and Martin Bane's men!

            I charged across the roof as Bane's men piled up onto the roof.  Rather than advancing to meet me, they hung back, casting nervous looks between themselves.  Perhaps they were remembering my single-handed defense of the trap door against the trogs.  Good.  A few seconds was all I needed.  By then, the prince and princess would have been carried clear of the roof.
            Just as one man plucked the courage to advance, Bane's voice rang out, "Stand down and stand aside!"
            Relieved, the crewman stepped back as Bane stepped onto the roof.  To my surprise, he cradled Rob's body in his arms, ignoring the blood staining his rich clothes.
            "You dropped this," he said, gently laying Rob's body down.  "I had real respect for him, you know."
            "As did I," I said, wondering what game Bane was playing now.
            Seeing my wariness, Bane said, "You've nothing more to fear from me and my men.  I've done what I was contracted to do.  In truth, far more."
            "Contracted?" I asked.
            "Raider airships don't work together without guaranteed payment," he said.  "Of course, if I'd known you were going to show up, I'd have charged double!  Be glad I took the Spare Prince's airship, otherwise I would have sold you to pay for a new one!"
            "Not a chance, boy," Bane chuckled.  "Figure it out for yourself."
            Glancing past me, Bane continued, "Weren't the prince and princess supposed to drop onto a nearby roof?"
            Spinning about, I saw the airship's line now hung twenty meters above the rooftops.  The unknown airship was climbing and the prince and princess were being carried away with it!

Can David rescue the prince and princess before they tire and fall?  Is Martin Bane truly finished with our hero?  Find out in Chapter 40, coming Monday!