Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Scout's Honor - Chapter 38

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Our heroes emerge from the sewers under the city only to be met by Rogue Terran Scout Martin Bane and his crew!

            With the way to the street blocked by Bane's men,  our only hope was to head deeper into the alley.
            "Run!" I said.
            Then, I heaved Rob's body at the crowd of men before running myself.  Rob would have understood and approved.  Even in death, his body was guarding the princess.  The few seconds it bought could make a huge difference.
            We dodged and dashed down the winding alley but found no way to the street.  Rounding a bend, we found a dead end just ahead.  But there was also a set of stairs on a building.
            "Up!" I gasped.  "Climb to the roof!"
            Raoul pulled Callan up the stairs behind him.  I charged after them, ready to turn and fight if Bane's men got too close.  We managed to reach the roof a couple of flights ahead of our pursuers but there my final hope was dashed.  The building across the street was too far away to jump and roofs of the adjacent buildings too steep to climb.
            "I'll hold them here," I said, taking position at the stairs.  "Try to-"
            "Look!" Raoul said, pointing up.
            An airship moved slowly above us, a single line dangling to within a few meters of the roof.  Immediately, I lifted Callan toward the rope.
            "Grab it and climb, Highness!" I said.
            As she did, I cupped my hands, "You next, prince!"
            With my help, Raoul caught the rope but the airship was moving too slowly.  Bane's men might still catch them.
            I called, "Go to the docks and find the airship Pauline.  They're friends!"
            Then, sword drawn, I charged across the roof to meet Bane's men.

Can one man delay dozens long enough for Prince Raoul and Princess Callan to drift away from the roof?  Find out in Chapter 39, coming Friday!