Monday, August 20, 2012

Scout's Honor - Chapter 37

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 Part 2
The last of Princess Callan's Royal Guard, crash-landed Terran Scout David Rice must find a way out of the sewers and take the princess to safety!

            I forced myself to look around as Princess Callan wept over Rob's body.  I could hear the tammar's cry and human screams echoing from several tunnels.  No one was about.  It was time to make our escape.
            I said, "Highness, we've got to go."
            Sobbing, she shook her head.
            "Highness...  Callan, he gave his life for you," I said.  "If we don't go now, his sacrifice will be wasted."
            "I won't leave him, David," she said.
            I sensed motion and leaped to my feet, Rob's sword ready.  Prince Raoul slid down the rope, his hands tied to.
            "A little help?" he said.
            I cut his bonds, saying, "Carry Rob's body.  I'll carry her highness."
            A look of irritation flashed across Raoul's face.  Perhaps he didn't like commoners giving him orders, but he lifted Rob's body as I gathered Callan in my arms.
            "We should hurry," he said.  "I saw one of Bane's men up there."
            I nodded and set off in a direction I thought would lead to a way up.  We ran, dodging panicked underworlders.  Several wrong turns and several close escapes led us to a tunnel sloping up.  It intersected the wide tunnel Rob and I had run through a few minutes and a lifetime ago.  Soon, we reached the ladder up.  With encouragement, Callan began climbing.  I took Rob's body from Raoul, sending him up next.  I followed as quickly as my burden would allow.  Seconds later, I was blinking in the comparatively bright light of the alley.
            "How generous of you to fetch my property!" said a familiar voice.
            Bane and his crew blocked our way to the street.

How will our heroes get past rogue Terran Scout Martin Bane?  Find out in Chapter 38, coming Wednesday!