Friday, August 17, 2012

Scout's Honor - Chapter 36

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A tammar, kept as a deadly toy by the denizens of the Beloran underworld, waits and watches as Princess Callan drops toward it!

            I jumped after the plunging princess!
            The tammar crouched over the body of the guard, ready to pounce again.  The creature obviously killed for pleasure, not having eaten any off its kills.  The eyes shifted from the princess to me when I landed.
            Boosted, I knew I could kill the tammar; but after the trogs, I couldn't risk it.  I only hoped normal human reflexes would be sufficient.  But I wouldn't be fighting alone.  Rob dropped behind the tammar as it stalked toward us.
            "Drive it away, if possible!" he called, hacking at the rope tying the tammar to the iron ring.
            Tied, the tammar was a threat.  Loose, it could be the distraction we needed to escape!  Crying defiance, I charged.  My sword sliced its nose as Rob's blade cut the rope.  Hurt, the tammar spun away, searching for easier prey.  It was on Rob in one bound!
            The tammar's claws slashed and then it leapt toward the crowd.  Screams erupted as the crowd scrambled to get away from the wrath of the tammar!  I cut the princess's bonds and we rushed to Rob.  The cries of the crowd and the tammar faded to nothing when I reached Rob.  The wounds were mortal and Rob knew it.
            "Do something!" cried Callan, tears streaming.
            "There's nothing to be done, Highness," Rob gasped.  "You know it's true."
            She turned to me, "There must be something-"
            I shook my head.
            "Take my sword, lad," Rob said.  "Use it always in her defense!"
            I nodded, taking his sword.  Rob spoke softly into Callan's ear.  Louder, he said, "Loved you like a daughter..."
            Then the light faded from his eyes.

Without Rob's steadying hand and knowledge of the world, can David even guide the princess from the old sewers, much less return her home?  Find out in Chapter 37, coming Monday!