Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Scout's Honor - Chapter 35

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Our heroes plunge into the darkness of the tunnels, racing against time in their quest to save Princess Callan!

            I slid down the ladder and dropped to the tunnel floor.  Widely spaced torches gave a bit of light.  I set off toward the roaring voices, not waiting for Rob.  I saw no guards until I was in sight of the source of the roaring.
            The roar was deafening, but another sound rose above it -- a sound that made my blood run cold.  It was the cry of a tammar, the vicious beast I had faced in the desert.  A human scream followed and the roar grew louder.
            The tunnel branched ahead, all sound coming from the right.  Glancing back as I turned, I saw Rob close behind me.  Ahead, the tunnel opened out into a larger, far better lit room.
            The entrance was guarded, but the guard was looking into the room.  Lowering my shoulder, I charged.  He turned at the last moment and I knocked him backward.  His face contorted in terror as he fell into an opening in the floor.  He dropped, screaming, to land next to the tammar.  A long rope tied the tammar to an iron ring in the floor.  Screaming people crowded beyond the limit of the rope.  Two ropes dangled from the ceiling of the room I was in, mangled corpses tied to them.
            As the tammar pounced on the guard, I scanned around the room.  A large man stared across the opening at me, shock written on his face.  The prince and princess were next to him, tied just like the corpses below.  As I started running around to them, the large man grabbed the princess and shoved her into the opening.  Fear crossed her lovely face as she plunged toward certain death!

Will the tammar rend the life from Princess Callan or will our hero once again find a way to cheat death?  Find out in Chapter 36, coming Friday!