Monday, August 13, 2012

Scout's Honor - Chapter 34

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Our heroes have found Martin Bane, but are they too late to save Princess Callan?

            I spun Bane around, "They may already be dead?  What do you mean?"
            Bane's eyes went wide, "Rice?  How-?"
            "Answer the man's question!" Rob exclaimed joining me.
            Bane said, "The old sewers are home to the most violent dregs of the city.  The city guard don't go down there without at least a full squad, preferably three.  And the Spare Prince has dragged your princess down there."
            Bane turned to his crewman, "Summon the men.  We're going after them!"
            "We're coming with you," I said.
            "Suit yourself," Bane shrugged.  "Just remember who's in command."
            Tristan said, "Well, that sounds quite exciting, but I'd just slow you down.  What can I do above ground?"
            Bane was busy issuing orders and not paying attention to us.  I said quietly, "Can you gather armed men you trust?  We'll need to take the prince and princess from Bane when we return."
            If we return.
            "You can count on me, my boy!" Tristan said, turning away as Bane's men scattered to find the crew.
            "We'll wait for the men at the sewer entrance," Bane said.  "Come on."
            Walking through the market, many people greeted Bane by name.  It realized that he was a well-regarded citizen in Beloren.  Rob and I would have to watch ourselves.
            Moments later, we stood in a narrow alley, staring down a dark hole into the sewers.  I wondered how long we would have to wait -- how long we could afford to wait -- for Bane's men.  The answer came suddenly, as guttural voices roared below.
            "That's not good," Bane said.
            "That's tears it," I said.
            Without another word, I descended into the darkness.

What horrors will our heroes face in the sewers and are they too late to rescue the princess?  Find out in Chapter 35, coming Wednesday.