Friday, August 10, 2012

Scout's Honor - Chapter 33

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With the vast city of Beloren looming before them, Terran Scout David Rice despairs of ever seeing Princess Callan again!

            I gave voice to my despair, "How are we going to find them in a city that large?"
            Tristan said, "Young people!  Quick to anger, quick to love, quick to despair!  And slow to think!"
            Rob barked a laugh, "So true, my friend!  You have a plan?"
            "I always have a plan!" exclaimed Tristan.
            Nist added, "Sometimes, his plans even work."
            "Bah!  Ignore him, gentlemen," growled Tristan.  "You told me this Martin Bane stole a Tartegian naval airship, correct?"
            I nodded.
            "Finding it will be simplicity itself!" smiled Tristan.  "There are only two docks in the city capable of handling such a large ship.  One is of no interest.  The other, my friends, is near the slave markets!"
            Nist piloted the Pauline deftly through the traffic toward a dock on the far side of the city.  Even before we docked, Rob spotted Bane's ship, though it was obvious Bane had left the ship.
            As my shoulders slumped, Tristan clapped me on the back.  "Fear not, my boy.  We'll find your princess!  Beauty such as you describe never passes unnoticed!"
            We left Nist on the airship and climbed down to the street.  Tristan spoke with various acquaintances before setting off toward a central market.
            That's when I spied Bane ahead of us!  I began pushing my way through the crowd toward him and was only a couple of meters away when one of his men rushed up.
            "The prince and princess!" he gasped.  "They've escaped!"
            "And?" said Bane, taking the news quite calmly.
            "The prince led the princess into the old sewers beneath the city!" said the crewman.
            Bane's face drained of color, "The idiot!  They may already be dead!"

What deadly terrors lurk beneath the city?  Will our heroes be able to even find Princess Callan and Prince Raoul, much less save them?  Find out in Chapter 34, coming Monday!