Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Scout's Honor - Chapter 32

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Dangling in a net far above the ground, our heroes face certain death as their captor prepares to send them plunging to a messy death!

            "If you kill us," I said, "you must accept responsibility for the princess."
            "A princess!" said the older man.  "Kidnapped, no doubt, and on her way to the slave markets?"
            "Sir, were our swords drawn when you confronted us?" I asked.
            "No..." admitted the man.
            "Not exactly typical raider behavior," I pressed.
            "Again, no..." the man said.  "But why board my airship?  And how?"
            "That story is even more improbable than our kidnapped, slave-bound princess," I replied.
            The man said, "Pull them back, Nist, but don't release them."
            With the deck beneath us again, the older man looked into my eyes.  "There really is a princess?"
            I met his gaze, "Yes.  We're pledged to her service."
            "And you're in love with her," he stated.
            "How could I not be?" I replied.
            The man nodded slowly, "Release them, Nist.  I must hear this story!"
            "Hear it you shall," Rob said, "but let's bring up the steam and pursue our charge."
            "Right!" the man said.  "Nist, it's time we found out just how fast the Pauline is!  Full steam!  Full power!  Full speed!"
            A grin creased Nist's face, "At once, master!"
            "Master?" Rob frowned.
            "Nist refuses manumission while I live," the man sighed.  "I am Tris Agrilla."
            Below deck, Rob introduced us then asked me to tell our story.  The ship had crossed the desert and the sun was rising before I finished.
            "Master," called Nist, "we're approaching the city of Beloren!"
            On deck, we saw a huge city rising out of fertile plains, hundreds of airships swarming about it.  I felt despair.
            How could we hope to find Princess Callan amid that teeming mass of people?

With so much area to search and so little time in which to rescue the princess, can our heroes succeed?  Find out in Chapter 33, coming Friday!