Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Scout's Honor - Chapter 29

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Trapped in a cellar, Rob and David can only listen as Bane's airship flies away with Princess Callan aboard!

            Almost immediately, the debris was cleared from the trap door.  We climbed out and a Tartegian airman led us to Admiral Hamlan.
            Rob asked, "Where is Prince Raoul?"
            "Still on the airship," Hamlan sighed.
            "Bane lied?  Schocking" I asked.
            "Actually, he didn't," Hamlan said.  "He pushed the prince overboard when the airship still close to the ground.  Unseen by those aboard, Raoul easily grabbed a dangling line and pulled himself into an open porthole."
            "And you call him the Spare Prince," I asked.
            "Perhaps," mused Hamlan, "all Tarteg has misjudged Raoul, not least his father."
            "Bravely done," said Rob, "but he's only one man.  Is another Tartegian airship in the area?"
            Hamlan shook his head, "Nor are there any animals to ride.  I fear-"
            "If you'll loan me your men, Admiral," I said, "Rob and I can be chasing Bane in just a few hours."
            Hamlan looked at Rob, who said, "If David says he can do it, I believe him."
            "Very well, but some of my men must go with you," Hamlan said.
            "There won't be room," I said.  "Besides, you need to warn people about the trog army."
            "Hardly an army, and they've been dealt with," Hamlan responded.
            "You dealt with several hundred trogs?" Rob asked.
            "Several hundred?" scoffed Hamlan.  "More like two dozen."
            "Their leader must have kept them under cover," I said.  "Rob, fill him in while I get the men started."
            I left Rob explaining to the admiral and called the airmen together.
            "Listen carefully," I said, and watched their eyes grow wide as I explained my plan.
            It had to work.  If it didn't, the princess would be lost to me forever!

What is David's plan?  Will it work, much less allow them to chase down an airship?  Find out in Chapter 30, coming Friday!