Monday, July 30, 2012

Scout's Honor - Chapter 28

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Just as rescue appeared to be at hand, Rogue Terran Scout Martin Bane turns the table on the rescuers!

            Prince Raoul's men looked uncertain as Martin Bane pressed his dagger against their prince's throat.
            "Do as I say," Bane growled, nicking the prince's throat.
            "No!" Raoul gasped.  "Don't risk our future queen's life.  Not for the Spare Prince!"
            I looked quizzically at Rob, who whispered, "Raoul is not as popular as his half-brother.  Even the king calls Raoul the Spare Prince."
            Bane laughed, "Nice try, Spare Prince, but your men know what Mommy will do to them if they let you die!"
            "Men," Prince Raoul said, "I order-"
            "Belay that!" said a commanding voice from above.  "Another queen can be found but not another prince.  Mister Bane, name your terms."
            "No, Admiral Hamlan!" said Raoul.  "No terms!  No surrender!  The men-"
            "Will follow my orders, Your Highness," said the admiral.  "Mister Bane, you, your men, and your captives may leave unhindered provided my men are unharmed and you release the prince safely."
            "Agreed," said Bane, "with one addition.  I also get your airship."
            "You leave me little choice," the admiral replied.  "We have an accord."
            Shortly, the Tartegians ascended the ladder.  Bane's men followed, establishing a perimeter.
            "After you, princess," Bane said.  "Your guards will remain here, of course."
            "I will not-" Rob began.
            "I gave my word, Rob," Princess Callan said.  "You will not gainsay it!"
            "Don't you want to sell me at auction, as well?" I asked Bane.
            "That was when I needed to replace my ship," Bane replied.  "Princess?"
            Princess Callan ascended the ladder, followed closely by Raoul and Bane.
            The trap door slammed shut and debris was piled atop it.  Soon, the airship engines roared then faded as Bane flew away with the princess!

Is Princess Callan gone for good?  Do Rob and David have any hope of saving her?  Find out in Chapter 29, coming Wednesday!