Friday, July 27, 2012

Scout's Honor - Chapter 27

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Will the airship stop?  If it does, will it be manned by friend or foe?

            All heads turned up, as if we could see the airship droning above us.  Ears strained to catch any change in the engine's roar.  Then the engine shut off!
            Minutes dragged by, then we heard a thump from above!  Then another and another.  Soon, we heard debris being cleared.
            "Hey!" I shouted.  "We're in the cellar!"
            Immediately, the rest took up the shouting.  The sounds from above stopped, then renewed.  More and more thumping came from above.  More men were joining in the work.
            Eventually, the sounds from above ceased.  Footsteps stalked to the trap door.  Too-bright light burst into the cellar as the door was opened.  Uniformed men began dropping into the cellar, swords drawn and ready for action.
            Princess Callan gasped, "Tartegian airmen!"
            "Your intended?" I asked.
            Nodding, she rose to her full height.  One of the airmen spotted her instantly.
            "Prince Raoul!" the airman called.  "She's here!"
            "Raoul?" I asked.
            "Rupor's younger brother," Rob answered.
            More men dropped into the cellar, forming a wall of swords between Bane's men and the trap door.  They were followed by a compact man.
            "Callan?" he called.
            "I'm here, Raoul," she said.  "But beware, most of these men are raiders and slavers!"
            "I only want the princess, her companions, and your leader" Raoul said, "If the rest of you surrender, you have my word I'll leave you here when we leave!"
            Bane must have Boosted, because he leapt over the line of Tartegian airmen and had a dagger at Raoul's throat before anyone could react!
            "Coincidentally, I also only want the princess, her companions, and your leader," Bane said.  "Surrender or your prince dies!"

Is there any way our heroes can rescue Prince Raoul from rogue scout Martin Bane?  Find out in Chapter 28, coming Monday.