Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Scout's Honor - Chapter 26

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Unconscious and trapped beneath a burning building, David's only hope lies with raiders, slavers, and a rogue Scout Second Class.

            I woke up.  My aching body aching hadn't killed me after all.  Warm liquid hit my face.  I opened and looked into the princess's tear-filled eyes.  Realizing my head lay in her lap, I smiled.
            "Hi," I croaked.
            Her green eyes focused and she gasped, "David's awake!"
            Rob and Bane stepped into view.
            "Welcome back, lad," Rob said, smiling.  "Good form, not dying!"
            Bane's eyes flicked to the princess, "Your heart stopped when you stopped Boosting.  A little CPR then a makeshift defibrillator using the Onesie brought you back."
            Bane held up the remains of the Onesie, "Don't know how she managed to hide it in her clothes," his eyes roamed appreciatively over the princess's formfitting clothing, "but she did."
            "He says you shouldn't Boost again anytime soon," the princess said.  "I agree."
            "As you wish," I replied.  Then another thought entered my head.  "Why did everyone look so scared when the trog leader spoke?"
            "Trogs have never spoken human languages," Rob said.  "They're too stupid to learn it."
            "Trogs have never organized an army, either.  A hunting party is about their limit," Bane added.  "That leader must be a trog genius!"
            "We've got to warn the northern countries!" Rob exclaimed.
            "No," Bane said, "we've got a deal.  You go to the Southern slave markets and you behave along the way.  Just like your princess promised!"
            "What?" I cried.
            "He was going to let you die, David!" the princess whispered.  "I couldn't let that happen!"
            "You don't think I destroyed that Onesie out of the goodness-" Bane began, stopping as a deep thrumming sound reached us.
            The airship was back! 

Is the airship crewed by friends or foes?  If they stop at the ruined trading outpost, will they help or hinder our heroes?  Find out in Chapter 27, coming Friday.