Monday, July 23, 2012

Scout's Honor - Chapter 25

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Horribly outnumbered, our hero fights to save the princess, Rob, and even the raiders and slavers from the trogs!

            I killed ruthlessly and quickly, knowing I would fall eventually.  There were several hundred trogs and only thirty-two of us.  The trogs would get us all, even the princess, if they were willing to spend enough lives.  Our only hope was to convince them the cost was too high.
            I'd killed seventeen and dragged four more head-first into the cellar to be killed before they could stand.  One of those had still managed to kill a man while lying on the floor.  My implant said I'd been Boosting for seven minutes, far longer than anyone on record.  If the trogs didn't kill me, my abused body probably would.
            Gutteral shouting came from above, answered by a powerful voice.  Silence fell and the attacks ceased.  I overrode my implant before it could turn off Boost.  The attack could be renewed at any time and I had to be ready.
            Then we heard the sound of an airship engine!  Airmen could attack from above with impunity!  We waited to hear the cries of dying trogs.  And waited in vain.  The airship passed overhead without stopping.
            "Huuuuuumans," the powerful voice said.  The faces below me went white, terrified by something I couldn't understand.
            "No warrior death you!" the voice continued.  "Die, like beasts!"
            A trog slammed the trap door shut.  We heard them piling heavy objects on top of it.  Then the smell of smoke wafted down to us.  The trogs had set fire to the building!
            I dropped my override on the implant and Boost shut down.  I had just enough time to think how tired I was of being unconscious before I blacked out.

Fire rages above and, for our hero, darkness reigns below!  Will David's body shut down as he fears?  Find out in Chapter 26, coming Wednesday!