Friday, July 20, 2012

Scout's Honor - Chapter 24

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Surrounded by trogs, our heroes are forced into an alliance with the raiders and slavers!

            I took one look at the trog hoard and asked Bane, "How well do you know this outpost?"
            "What diff-" Bane almost shouted.
            "Does it have a storm cellar or root cellar?" I demanded.
            Comprehension dawned on Bane, "Yes!"
            Turning to his men, he ordered, "Recall everyone!  We're going into the cellar!"
            We entered the building as his men scattered, calling for a retreat.  The trap door was in a corner.  I gestured to Rob and the princess to climb down.
            "What of you, David?" asked the princess, concern in her eyes and voice.
            "I'll come down once everyone else is safely below," I replied, smiling reassuringly.
            After they had moved out of sight below, Bane gave me a sly grin.  "You're a fast worker, lad.  Less than two days on the planet and you've already got the beautiful princess panting after you!"
            "Shut up!" I growled.
            I was saved further conversation as Bane's men began piling into the building.  Wasting no time, the men began jumping into the cellar.  The howling of the trogs was deafening by the time Bane leapt into the cellar.  Climbing down the ladder, I shut the trap door.  I stayed on the ladder, ready to defend the the door.
            The doors to the building crashed open and heavy feet trod across the floor.  A minute passed agonizingly slowly, then footsteps stopped above the trap door.  It was flung open and a trog thrust his spear at me.  Boosting, I grabbed the spear and pulled.  The trog tumbled to the floor below and Bane's men fell upon him.  But two more trogs to his place.
            Our battle for survival had begun!

Even though the trogs can only attack two at a time, how long can our hero hold out against hundreds of them?  Find out in Chapter 25, coming Monday!