Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Scout's Honor - Chapter 23

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After allowing himself to be captured by slavers so the princess could escape, our hero is shocked to see the princess and Rob delivered to the villainous Martin Bane!

            Bane beamed at his men.
            "Who made the capture?" he asked.
            "No one," Rob growled.  "We came here on our own."
            "You did what?" I said
            Bane nodded toward me, "I'm with Wonder Boy."
            "Trogs," answered Rob.  "Hundreds of them."
            Bane's expression grew serious and he said, "Rouse the men!  Get spotters on the rooftops!"  Turning to Rob, "How much time have we got?"
            "Thirty minutes, if you're lucky," he replied.  "Highness, please release David."
            "No, princess!" Bane barked.  "Wonder Boy is-"
            "The best warrior here," Rob interrupted.  "Let him help us."
            Bane thought for a few seconds, nodded, then said, "Wonder-"
            "My name is David Rice," I said.
            "Very well, Rice," Bane said, "give me your word of honor -- as a Scout -- that you will relinquish your sword after the battle."
            I looked to Rob.  He nodded.
            "Yes, you have my word," I said.  "But what are trogs?"
            As she untied my bonds the princess answered, "Trogs are the blue creatures we were fighting when you first appeared."
            "There are swords in the next room," Bane said as he drew his sword.  Then he asked, "Which one of you has the Onesie?  It could be useful-"
            "It's gone," I said.  "Besides, firing the Onesie just makes trogs mad."
            "You'll forgive me if I don't believe you," Bane said.  "I'll have to search-"
            A shout interrupted him, "To arms!  The trogs are here!"
            Bane shot a look at Rob, "You said thirty minutes!"
            "I guess you weren't lucky," Rob shot back, as we grabbed swords ran from the building.
            I was't surprised to find ourselves back at the trading post.  From all around us, spears waving, blue figures charged the trading post!

Battling two dozen trogs took all our hero had to offer and then some.  How can he survive against hundreds of them?  Find out in Chapter 24, coming Friday!