Monday, July 16, 2012

Scout's Honor - Chapter 22

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Leading a chase to draw attention away from the area in which Rob and the princess are hiding, David ends up captured by slavers!

            I awoke lying down, my hands and feet tied to a bed frame.  Bane was there, watching me.
            "How old are you, kid?  Twenty-four?" he asked.
            "Not quite."
            "You must be the youngest Scout First Class ever," he said.
            "Nope," I replied.
            "Second then," Bane said.  "And not by much, I'd bet."
            "What makes you think I'm a Scout First Class?" I asked.
            "There's no Master Scout with you," he said.  "And you're not mourning one's death.  You were exploring alone.  Therefore, Scout First Class."
            "Does that mean the Master Scout who was completing your training is dead?"
            "Killed when the asteroid hit us right out of the wormhole."
            "How did you end up-?"
            "Like this?  Raider, kidnapper, slaver?" he asked.  "It's a long story and we don't have time for it."
            "How about the short version?" I asked.
            He shrugged and said, "I landed near the Mordanian capital but ended up in the worst part of the city.  My implant picked up the gutter language spoken there, so I even sounded like them.  I went to the wrong bar, Boosted during a fight, and killed a couple of thugs.  That's usually ignored in the poorest quarters, but there was extra security because of a certain princess's fourth birthday.  Murder is a hanging offense, so I escaped, fell in with raiders, and have been raiding ever since."
            He stood, "Some of us aren't lucky enough to crash on top of royalty, Wonder Boy.  Some of us get stuck with reality."
            The door flew open and Rob and the princess were pushed into the room by grinning slavers.  My sacrifice had been for nothing!

Have the slavers won?  Is David's next destination the slave markets of the southern desert?  Find out in Chapter 23, coming Wednesday!