Friday, July 13, 2012

Scout's Honor - Chapter 21

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David has discovered that the leader of the raiders is another scout from the Terran Exploration Corps!

            "What-?" I began, but my thoughts stalled there.  I tried again, "Why-?"
            "Fascinating as your conversational gambits are," Bane said, "let's get back to the important issue.  Where is the princess?"
            That got through to me.  "They gone, jumped off your airship once the boiler pressure got dangerously high."
            Bane didn't believe me and called to his men, "Keep searching the wreck.  I'm sure they're here somewhere."
            This men would find the princess and Rob unless I distracted them.  Boosting once again, I leapt onto Bane's horse, slapping its flanks with the flat of my sword.  Bane's men ran for their own horses and the chase was on!
            I had to get a dune between myself and the airship wreck, giving Rob and the princess a chance to get away from the wreck.  The slavers almost cut me off before I topped the nearest dune.  Two riders raced to cut me off as I stood in the saddle, dove over them, and rolled down the far side of the dune.  Whooping, the slavers chased after me.
            At the bottom of the dune, I prepared to die fighting the slavers.  Instead, they began twirling weighted ropes.   Three riders threw their ropes at the same time.  I jumped over one and ducked another, but the third wrapped tightly around my legs.  Three more ropes followed, pinning my arms.  Toppling over, I watched as Bane came to stand over me.
            "We're going to find the princess," he said.  "and you'll watch her be sold at auction.  Then I'll sell you at auction, too."
            Grinning, Bane bashed me on the head with his sword pommel and all went black.

Captured by a villain with the same knowledge David possesses, will David ever even have a chance to escape?  Find out in Chapter 22, coming Monday!