Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Scout's Honor - Chapter 20

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 Trapped beneath the wreckage of an airship, how can our hero protect the princess from approaching slavers?

            "How far away?  Do you think they've seen you?" I asked.
            "Half a mile, maybe," Rob answered, "and I doubt they've seen us yet."
            "Hide!" I said, as my implant told me half a mile was almost a kilometer.  "I'll call out for help.  They won't look for others if I can keep them distracted!"
            Rob stood, "It's the best chance we've got, Highness.  Let's go!"
            I heard the two of them scrambling away followed by silence.  Finally, I heard the riders approaching.
            "Help!" I called.  "I'm trapped under the wreckage!'
            The light was blocked and then voices began jabbering in a language new to me.  It wasn't surprising, but it would make things more difficult until my implant caught up.
            More jabbering, then the sounds of wreckage being moved.  Shortly, hands were pulling me out.  I put on my best grateful smile.
            "I am so happy to see you!" I exclaimed.  "How can I ever thank you?"
            The shadow of a rider fell across me.
            "You can tell us where the princess is," said scarred face, leader of the raiders.  "And explain what happened to my airship!"
            Time for plan B.
            Boost!  I snatched a sword from the slaver closest to me and leapt for scarred face.  It ought to be easy enough to take him hostage and-
            Moving impossibly quickly, scarred face grabbed my wrist, somersaulted off his horse, and drew his sword before landing lightly on his feet.
            I rolled to my feet and stared at him, "Who-"
            "Ah, forgive my poor manners.  We have not been properly introduced!" scarred face said urbanely.  "I am Martin Bane, Scout Second Class of the Terran Exploration Corps!"

Our hero's only advantages were his training and his technology.  How can he prevail against a villain who has the same training and technology as well his own band of minions?  Find out in Chapter 21, coming Friday!