Monday, July 9, 2012

Scou'ts Honor - Chapter 19

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With a roar, the boiler on the airship David is piloting explodes!

            I drifted on the cusp of consciousness, struggling to stay away from it.  For pain lurked behind consciousness and I knew I could not have one without the other.  Better to float in mental limbo for a while longer, hoping the pain would recede just a little.
            The voice reached me below the surface and pulled me upward.  That voice meant something to me.  It meant beautiful green eyes.  Long raven hair.  Tall, lithe body.  Callan!  I came fully aware at the thought of her.  With awareness came the pain, but also remembrance.  Raiders.  Escapes.  A betrothal.  My oath.
            I tried to respond but managed only a soft cough.  I tried to stand and found I could not.  Prying my eyes open, I found why I couldn't stand.  I was buried under debris; wood, rope, cloth.  I could move my arm.  I knocked on the wood as hard as I could.
            "David?  Is that you?"
            I knocked again.
            "Rob!  He's here!  Buried under the wreckage!"
            Shortly, eyes peered at me through an opening in the debris.
            "Glad you made it, lad," said Rob.  "Can't see much of you in there except your eyes."
            His arm reached as far into the opening as possible, "Here's a water skin.  Drink and conserve your strength while we free you."
            The water tasted heavenly and the sound of debris being cleared was music to my ears.  And it lasted all of two minutes.
            "Rob!" the princess sounded worried.  "Horses!"
            Silence for a few seconds then Rob cursed.
            "What is it?" I managed to croak.
            Rob's reply was flat and chilling, "Slavers."

Trapped beneath the wreckage, what can David do to protect the princess?  Find out in Chapter 20, coming Wednesday!