Friday, July 6, 2012

Scout's Honor - Chapter 18

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Far above the ground in a stolen raider airship, our heroes are caught in a sandstorm!

            The storm swept up the airship and visibility was cut to nothing.  Barely able to see the bow through the swirling sand I fought to keep us from smashing into the ground.  The ship danced on the wind, almost beyond my control.  I sensed more than saw a dune rise up before the ship and barely kept us from driving into it.  The airship still scraped the top of the dune, jarring the ship.
            I don't know if I fought the storm for mere minutes or much longer.  Flayed by sand, my body taught with tension, I was on the ragged edge of exhaustion.  So I did not know the Rob was beside me until he grabbed my arm.
            He shouted, "Boiler pressure is rising too fast!  Probably a clogged pipe but-"
            "No way to fix it before it blows.  Not in this storm," I shouted back.  "You and the princess will have to abandon ship!  I'll get us down so you two can jump safely."
            Rob nodded.  It was the only way.
            "I'll blow the whistle when it's time for you to jump," I said.
            "What of you, lad?"
            Instead of answering, I shouted, "Don't worry, I'll find you!"
            "I don't doubt it for a moment, David!" though he obviously did doubt it.  He clapped my shoulder then went below.
            I took the ship down until I saw ground beneath me then blew the steam whistle.  It was even louder than the storm and I hoped they had jumped safely.  As the wind drove the ship up again, I heard steam whistling again.  The boiler!
            Too late, I dashed for the ship's railing.  With a roar, the boiler exploded!

This looks like the end for David!  Will there even be a Chapter 19?  Find out Monday!