Friday, June 15, 2012

Scout's Honor - Chapter 9

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Running from the raiders, our hero comes face-to-face with a fanged denizen of the planet.

            The raiders backed away, muttering "tammar."  The predator stood two meters tall at the shoulders and was five meters long.  My choices weren't good ones; die on the tammar's fangs or Boost and probably die overtaxing my body.  Probably dead was better than definitely dead.  I prepared to Boost.
            The sound of a fully charged Onesie cracked through the air.  The tammar's head disappeared in a spray of blood.  Turning, the raiders and I saw the princess holding the gun.  The princess was already turning the gun on the raiders.
            "Run.  Now," she commanded.  "Unless you want to end up like the tammar."
            All but scarred face broke and ran.  He stared at the princess, a smile crossing his lips, then turned and walked after his rapidly receding crew.
            "Nice timing, Highness," I said, joining Rob and her.  "I'm in your debt."
            The two stared at me in shock.  Quickly, it dawned on me what was wrong.
            "You're wondering how I learned your language so quickly," I said.  "It will take some explaining, most of which you'll probably find unbelievable."
            "What little we know about you -- especially this weapon -- is already unbelievable!" the princess said, handing me the Onesie.
            Taking the gun, I said, "You realize your threat was empty, Highness?"
            "The raiders did not know-" she paused.  "I do not even know your name."
            "I am David Rice, Scout First Class of the Terran Exploration Corps," I said, bowing.  "Let's start walking and I will happily tell my story."
            The princess looked to Rob.  "Northeast, Highness.  I spotted a trading outpost during out escape from the raiders."
            Carrying only the provisions in the survival pack, we headed into the desert. 

With certain capture behind them and possible death before them, how will the trio survive?  Find out in Chapter 10, coming on Monday!