Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Scout's Honor - Chapter 8

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Our hero is surrounded by raiders who are in pursuit of the princess!

            "Where is the princess?" a voice asked as swords pressed in all around me.
            "Princess?" I asked in return, trying hard to feign confusion.
            A tall, broad-shouldered man stepped into view from the left.  A very recent wound slashed down his right cheek.
            "Do not try my patience," demanded scarred face.  "My men saw you with her mere moments ago!"
            "She princess?" I asked.
            "Yes, idiot, she is a princess.  And if you don't tell me where she went, I'm going to have my lads poke several big, nasty holes in you."  He smiled warmly, "Now, talk or die."
            I pointed almost directly at Rob and the princess, "Go that way!"
            "South?  Farther into the desert?"  Scarred face laughed jovially, "The idiot thinks I'm a fellow fool!  We go north.  Prod the idiot along, boys."
            The raiders took scarred face at his word.  Every couple of steps, one of them poked me in the back with his sword.  Soon, I was hopping forward with every other step, trying to stay just out of reach of the prodding.  This drew laughs aplenty as my captors turned it into a game.
            The game kept them so distracted that they didn't notice the two meter drop off until I hopped over it and vanished from sight.  Shouts arose behind me as I sprinted toward a nearby tumble of rocks.  Nearly there, I looked back and was surprised to see the raider had stopped chasing me.
            Even as I spun to look forward, I heard a deep-throated growl.  Looking up, all I could see was twin rows of long, sharp teeth!

What foul death awaits our hero and how can he escape?  Find out Friday in Chapter 9!