Monday, June 11, 2012

Scout's Honor - Chapter 7

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 After rescuing a princess and her guard, our hero discovers the airship he nearly hit is manned by raiders intent on capturing the princess.
               "Raiders chase you?" I asked, wishing my implant could imprint their language more quickly.
               "Yes.  We escaped yesterday," Rob replied.  "Now, those who sacrificed themselves so we could do so have died in vain."
               "No," I said, grabbing the survival pack.  Above us, the airship was clearly venting gas to lose altitude.
               "Ha!" I said, pulling a large, thin cloth from the pack.  "Safe now!"
               "Are you mad?"  asked the princess, holding out the Onesie, "Drop the blanket and use this weapon to destroy them!"
               I checked the Onesie's solar recharging unit.  I'd been out longer than I thought because the gun would soon have enough charge to fire.  But not soon enough.  Wrapping myself in the cloth, I dropped to the ground.  "What see?"
               The princess gasped, " Rob, did he just turn into a rock?"
               "Well, Highness" Rob considered, "he looks like a rock."
               "Chameleon cloth," I said, using the Terran term.  I handed the cloth to Rob,  "You two, under.  Hide."
               "What of you?" the princess asked as Rob wrapped the cloth around them.
               "No room, Highness," I said.  "I distract."
               I handed the Onesie to Rob and pointed at the controls, "Green good.  Red bad.  Point.  Press button."
               Taking the gun, Rob gave a brief nod before the two blended into the terrain.              
               Ropes from the airship dropped to the ground.  I began running toward them, waving my arms, as men began sliding down the ropes.  Seconds later, I was surrounded, half a dozen sword points pricking my skin!

Can our hero escape?  Find out in Chapter 8, coming Wednesday!