Friday, June 8, 2012

Scout's Honor - Chapter 6

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 Collapsing, unconscious, after battling the blue men, our hero struggles back to consciousness.
               “Highness, let me bind this man,” a gruff voice said.  “He could be one of the raiders!”
               “He's not, Rob,” said a lilting, female voice.  “We'd never have escaped if he was.  He's the best fighter I've ever seen!”
               “More reason to bind him,” said the gruff voice.  “We can always choose to release him after he wakes up.  We certainly cannot bind him after he is awake!”
               The two must have been talking the whole time I was out.  The translator in my implant had analyzed their language and was translating for me.  It would begin teaching me the language now, but I already had some words.
               “He right,” I said, sitting up and finally getting a good look at the man and young woman. 
               The man was probably in his mid-forties and looked like an experienced soldier.  He had drawn his sword the second I spoke, moving with lethal grace.
               The young woman was perhaps twenty, somewhat younger than me, with a tall, slender beauty which was breathtaking to behold.  She was pointing my discharged Onesie at me.
               “Who are you?” asked Rob.  “Where do you come from?”
               “Not easy to tell,” I said.  “Learn talk take time.”
               “That’s another thing, Highness-” Rob began, cutting off as a shadow passed over us.
               Looking up, I saw the airship I had nearly rammed.   It was sailing a few hundred meters above us.  I was drawing breath to shout to them when the princess gasped in dismay.
               "Well, Highness, now we learn whose side this young man is on," Rob growled.  "The raiders have found us!"

Who are these raiders and what do they want?  Find out on Monday in Chapter 7!