Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Scout's Honor - Chapter 5

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Two dozen blue-skinned, spear-wielding humanoids who dislike wizards charge to attack our hero!
               Dropping the survival pack and the discharged Onesie, I leapt to meet the charging blue men.  Boost, I thought to my implant.  Instantly, my body was flooded with adrenaline.  I'd pay a serious price for the Boost after the fight, but it's not like I had a choice.
               With adrenaline raging through my veins, I moved among the wild blue men too fast for any of them to land a solid hit.  I felt no pain and had such strength I lifted one of my attackers above my head, using him as a club to beat his fellows from around me.  Tossing aside the broken body, I snatched a fallen spear and continued my dance of death among them.  As the bodies of the blue men piled up behind me, those still fighting with the remaining humans realized the greater danger lay at their backs.  Undecided which foe to face, they faced neither and sealed their doom.
               Even as my spear plunged into the last of the blue men, I was turning to see if both defending warriors had survived.  I smiled as my eyes met the flashing, green eyes of the young woman.  She spoke in a language my implant’s translator did not yet understand.  I replied, “No problem.  Glad I was able to help.”
               Having already exceeded Boost safety limits, my implant cut it off.  The adrenaline stopped flowing and pain from my tortured muscles slammed into me.  I fell into darkness even before I fell to the ground.

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