Monday, June 4, 2012

Scout's Honor - Chapter 4

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As our hero's escape pod sinks, a woman's scream pierces the stillness.

Dripping from my swim to shore and clutching the emergency pack, I looked about for the source of the scream.  I saw a jumble of boulders a couple of hundred meters away.  Now that I was alert to it, I could also hear the sounds of battle from beyond it; weapons clashing, voices shouting.
               I ran toward the boulders, quickly scrambling to the top.  Below me, battle whirled between two warriors, desperately defending their position with swords, and two dozen spear-thrusting  No, humanoid but not human, with squat, powerful bodies, blue skin, and sharply sloping foreheads.  Blood darkened the ground around bodies from both sides.
               The warriors were backed against the boulders, forming a wall between the humanoids and a third person; a young, raven-haired woman.  She moved restlessly behind her two guards, sword poised to slash out should a humanoid come too close.  Even as I watched, one of her guards fell, a spear thrust completely through him.  Even dying, the guard found the strength to slay his own slayer.  Grimly, the young woman stepped forward to take his place.
               Reflexively, I reached into the survival pack and grabbed the Onesie -- Single-Shot Rechargeable Survival Blaster to the techs -- and gave a wordless bellow.  The fighting stopped as all attention turned toward me.  Brandishing the gun, knowing none could understand me, I yelled at the humanoids, "Leave or face the wrath of the Sky Wizard!"  Then I fired the Onesie at the ground before the humanoids.
               I guess the humanoids didn't like wizards.  With guttural shouts, they all charged at me!

 Find out what happens next in Chapter 5, coming on Wednesday!