Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Scout's Honor - Chapter 14

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Yet again surrounded by raiders, David now faces most of the crew instead of a mere handful.

               Until the princess was safe, I had to save my Boost.  With raiders all around me, I went the only direction I could.  Up.  Jumping, I caught the edge of the low roof and quickly pulled myself onto the roof.  It was a mistake.
               I had a great view of the raider airship behind the building, just lifting off.  Now that they were looking up, the raiders outside the building saw the same thing.
               "The airship!" rose the cry.  "She's loose and floating away!"
               Raiders ran for the lines dangling from the airship even before scarred face began shouting orders at them.  I pounded across the roof, hoping to get there first.  Some raiders must have been near the ship as they were already scrambling up the lines.
               Glancing at the airship deck, I saw Rob holding off three raiders while the princess sawed away at dangling lines with her dagger.  There was no way she could cut the lines before the first raiders reached the deck.  I had to get aboard the airship or all was lost.  Casting aside caution, I sprinted across to the edge of the roof and leapt off, aiming for the line from the airship's aft line.
               I just managed to grab catch the end of the line.  Even as I began the long climb, I saw several raiders reach the deck of the airship.  The princess shouted a warning to Rob and then she was next to him, her dagger added to his sword.  She whirled, dodged, and then tripped.  I was halfway as she fell against the railing, overbalanced, and toppled over the airship's rail!

Has David's oath to protect the princess with his life all been for naught?  Find out in Chapter 15, coming Friday!