Monday, June 25, 2012

Scout's Honor - Chapter 13

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 Hoping to sneak up on the trading post, our heroes are instead spotted by raiders!
               As the shout taken up by others, I turned to Rob, "Use the chameleon cloth to-"
               "It's gone, David," Rob said.  "Lost when we threw it off so the princess could shoot the tammar."
               "All right," I said, "new plan.  I'll lead the raiders on a merry chase while you lead the princess roundabout to the raiders' airship.  They know where we are so it should be lightly guarded."
               "Right," Rob nodded.  "After we take the ship, we'll wait one-"
               "Cast off immediately," I interrupted.  "Do not wait for me!"
               Rob nodded but the princess disagreed.  "No!  We all escape together or-"
               "Highness, there are a very few times when your royal guard may disregard your orders," Rob said.  "This is one of them.  Your safety is paramount!"
               The princess was not happy, but she did not argue.  That settled, I dashed off, immediately drawing another shout.  The chase was on!
               Perhaps a minute later, I came face to face one of the raiders.  I vaulted over a boulder, he was lurking behind.  I ducked his wild sword swing and ran him through with my own sword.  He fell, screaming and twitching as life drained out of him.  Any raiders who hadn't been chasing me before certainly would be now.
               Seconds later, I crested a small dune and the trading post lay before me.  Gambling that all of the raiders were out chasing me, I ran to it and threw open the door.  Half a dozen raiders, led by scarred face, stood within,  swords drawn.  Behind me, the rest of the raiders charged up to the outpost.
               I was surrounded by raiders.  Again.
With so much unknown to him, does David dare to Boost or must he face the raiders with no more than wits and courage?  Find out in Chapter 13, coming on Wednesday!