Friday, June 22, 2012

Scout's Honor - Chapter 12

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While our heroes rested, the raider airship has gotten between them and the trading post.

               We broke camp, hoping the outpost was close and we might reach it before the raiders could prepare for us.
               "Highness, you know my story," I said, trying to distract her, "but I know little of yours."
               Rob gave a nod and she said  "Very well, David, it's not a complicated story.
“I was being escorted to my betrothal to Prince Rupor, heir to the throne of Tarteg.  Ten airships of the Morandoran Navy escorted my own airship.  Over unsettled lands, a large force of raiders surprised us.  Three raider ships attacked my ship.  When it was obvious all was lost, I ordered my men to surrender.
"On the raider ship, ten of my guards broke out and attacked the raiders.  In the confusion, Rob grounded the airship and we ran.  Several hours later, you arrived.”
"A harrowing tale, Highness," I said.  "Why come south when any ransom would be paid in the north."
               "With her lineage and beauty," Rob said, "Princess Callan would fetch a very high price in the southern markets."  He added, "I will die before allowing that to happen!"
               I said, "As will I."
               Rob stopped walking, "Will you swear to that, David?"
               "Rob-" began the princess.
               I interrupted, "On my honor as a Scout First Class, I swear to protect and defend Princess Callan to the best of my ability, even at the cost me my life."
               Rob smiled for the first time since I met him.  "Nontraditional but quite satisfactory."  He extended his hand, "Welcome to the Royal Guard."
               "That was unnecessary, David," the prince said.
               "Perhaps for you, Highness," I replied, "but it was essential for Rob."
               Suddenly, a shout rang out.  "The princess!  She's over here!"
               The raiders had found us!
How can our heroes evade the raiders and get supplies at the same time?  Find out in Chapter 13, coming Monday!