Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Scout's Honor - Chapter 11

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An agitated cobra is ready to strike the princess as David and Rob desperately search for a way to
save her.

               The snake was probably searching for warmth, finding it on the princess's chest.  Now aroused, it was nervous and likely to strike.  Whatever we were going to do, it had to be done fast!
               "Red or green?" I asked quietly.
               "Red," Rob answered quietly, instantly knowing I referred to the gun.  "This Boost of yours; does it make you faster?"
               "Yes, but maybe not fast enough."
               "But you must-" Rob began, breaking off as the snake hissed and moved in agitation.
               I waited, letting the snake settle a bit before answering, "I will.  Now, give me your hat."
               Without another word, Rob carefully handed me the hat to his guard's uniform.  Slowly, I began moving the open end of the hat in front of the snake.  The snake swayed in agitation then struck at the princess -- a fraction of a second after I Boosted.  The snake's head plunged into the hat, its strike blocked.  I dragged the snake outside, where Rob smoothly cut off its head.
               Quiet sobs drew Rob back inside the tent to comfort the princess.  I took up the watch in his place.
               After a while, the sobs faded and, finally, were replaced by the deep, rhythmic breathing of sleep.  When Rob looked outside, I motioned him back into the tent.  The princess would feel safer if she awoke to a familiar face.
               Dawn was breaking when I heard the airship's motor in the distance.  Worse, I realized the airship was ahead of us.  The raiders knew of the outpost and that it was our only hope for survival.  They would be waiting for us when we arrived!

Certain death in the desert or certain capture at the outpost?  Find out which our heroes choose in Chapter 12, coming Friday!